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 New magnetic materials and the resulting problems in measurement require just so a new and steady advanced measuring technique.

 Our experience of more than thirty years in field of measuring and testing apparatus will help you to solve difficult problems in magnetic measuring.

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 Gaussmeters with Hall Probes and electronically fluxmeters with computer interfaces, standard magnets, Measuring coils for loudspeaker magnets, J-compensated surrounding coils, field measuring coils, point measuring coils, potential measuring coils, moment measuring coils, Helmholtz method electromagnets, coercimeters, Hysteresisgraphs for soft, hard and very hard magnetic materials, standard nickel samples for calibration.


 Controlling, calibration, adjusting and maintenance of measuring and testing equipment at prescribed intervals in conformity to ISO 9000 using certified equipment having a known valid relationship to nationally recognized standards.

 Issuing of Factory Certificates

 Measurement and test-service for your magnets and magnet-systems. We carry out measurements at soft and hard magnetic materials in single and serial tests.

Company contact details:

MAGMESS Magnet-Messtechnik Jürgen Ballanyi e.K.
Rautenbergstr. 16 A

D-44797 Bochum (Germany)

Phone: +49 (0)2 34 /  32 58-0 04
Fax:      +49 (0)2 34 /  32 58-2 61
e-mail:  info@magmess-ballanyi.de
Internet: www.magmess-ballanyi.de

Registrar of companies: Bochum, HRA 5993
Value added tax identification number: DE 123 662 671

Responsible person: Jürgen Ballanyi

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Rautenbergstr. 16 A
D-44797 Bochum

Phone: +49 (0) 234-3258-004
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